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Keys to Success
The idea of keys to success is based on the need for focus. You can't focus efforts on a few priorities unless you limit the number of priorities. In practice, lists of more than three or four prioritiesare usually less effective. The more the priorities (beyond three or four), the less chance of implementation. Virtually every marketing plan has different keys to success. These are a few key factors that make the difference between success and failure.
This depends on who you are and what services you offer. In a manufacturing business, for example, quality control and manufacturing resources might be keys to success for one strategy, and economy of scale for another. In another example, the keys might include low cost of assembly, or assembly technology in packaging kits. The channels of distribution are often critical to manufacturers. You might also depend on the brand or the franchise. Think about the keys to success for your marketing plan. This is a good topic for a discussion with your management team. What elements are most important? This discussion will help you focus on priorities and improve your business plan.

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