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Home Schooling
A few years ago, we chose to home school our children. We were very disappointed with their performance in public school and could not afford to
send our nine children to a private school. We looked into several home school alternatives and were unhappy with all of them. Being very busy people, we felt very discouraged and a little disheartened with the idea of having to spend significant time schooling our children.

Fortunately, our time worked out (as time can do when one lets go of the need for time) so that we could allot several hours per week to schooling our children. Some of our children had moved away, pursuing their own adult lives. We were left with four children, all teens, to attend our home school. As parents, we were aware that the most important things our children could learn at home were not academic. Above all other things, love had to be the underlying principle of our school. Further, we recognized how important it was that our children learn how to think, rather than know how to do the three Rs. We both agreed that imagination and creativity were important in the thinking process.
The oldest of our children to attend our home school was 17 and a senior in high school. She chose to withdraw from formal public school to learn at home. This was a significant sacrifice on her part. As a popular teenager at school, she was convinced that her education was more important to her than her popularity.
We enrolled our 14 and 15-year-old children, too. They were very excited about doing school at home. In addition, one of our adult children joined us for one semester. The whole experience has been an exciting adventure into alternatives and family togetherness.

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