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Deep brand
A name, term, trademark, logo, symbol, or design thatsuccessfully communicates a broad range of meaningabout a product and its attributes.
Differentiated target marketing
A process that occurs when an organization simulta-neously pursues several different market segments,usually with a different strategy for each
An approach to create a competitive advantage basedon obtaining a significant value difference that custom-ers will appreciate and be willing to pay for, and which,ideally, will increase their loyalty as a result.
Direct mail marketing
A form of direct marketing that involves sending infor-mation through a mail process, physical or electronic,to potential customers.
Direct marketing
Any method of distribution that gives the customeraccess to an organization’s products and services with-out intermediaries; also, any communication from theproducer that communicates with a target market togenerate a revenue producing response.
Distinctive competency
An organization’s strengths or qualities including skills,technologies, or resources that distinguish it from com-petitors to provide superior and unique customer valueand, hopefully, is difficult to imitate.
A product-market strategy involving the developmentor acquisition of offerings new to the organization and/or the introduction of those offerings to the targetmarkets not previously served by the organization.
Dual distribution
The practice of simultaneously distributing products orservices through two or more marketing channels thatmay or may not compete for similar buyers..

Early adopters
A type of adopter in Everett Rogers’ diffusion of inno-vations framework that describes buyers that follow“innovators” rather than be the first to purchase.
Early majority
A type of adopter in Everett Rogers’ diffusion of inno-vations framework that describes those interested innew technology who wait to purchase until theseinnovations are proven to perform to the expectedstandard.
Economies of scale
The benefit that larger production volumes allow fixedcosts to be spread over more units lowering the aver-age unit costs and offering a competitive price andmargin advantage.
Effective demand
When prospective buyers have the willingness andability to purchase an organization's offerings.
Exclusive distribution
A distribution strategy whereby a producer sells itsproducts or services in only one retail outlet in a specificgeographical area.
Experience curve
A visual representation, often based on a function oftime, from the initial exposure to a process that offersgreater information and results in enhanced efficiencyand/or operations advantage.

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